Did a Pipe Burst in Your Basement?

Set up water damage repair services in Kenner, LA or surrounding areas

Water damage can lead to all kinds of problems for homeowners and business owners. Luckily, Duke Restoration provides water damage repair services in Kenner, LA and surroundings. We'll start by drying out your home and personal items. Then, we'll restore everything that can be salvaged and move your belongings back to their original place.

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Experience the benefits of professional water removal services

Not sure if you should hire us to remove the water in your home following a burst pipe or flood? With water removal services:

  • You'll protect your home against water damage
  • You won't have to worry about the structural integrity of your building
  • You'll prevent mold and algae from growing in your property

Learn more about our water removal services by calling us at 504-228-9935 now.

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